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Includes commercial treatment license. Intended for Commercial use. Includes a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license.

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AVACEN PRO+ is an FDA Cleared, noninvasive medical device (US Shipping Address Only) or AVACEN R2 PRO+ Relaxation System (US Export Only).

Intended for Commercial use. Includes a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license.

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Color Touch Screen
Video & Sound
Robust Design – Extended Life
Larger Hand Accommodation
Extended Treatment Sessions
Pop-On, Pop-Off Cuff
Unlimited Language Support


Intended for Commercial use. Includes a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license, including a limited license to U.S. Patent Nos. 8,679,170, 9,066,781, 9,192,509, 9,687,385, and 10,537,464, as well as foreign equivalents to the foregoing to use AVACEN Commercial Devices and for treatment purposes, and Consumer Home Devices for rent, or lease purposes (but not treatment purposes) in exchange for fees or any form of compensation.
INCLUDES: 36-MONTH WARRANTY (NOTE: The Vacuum Chamber Insert CUFF is NOT COVERED under the manufacturer’s warranty.)
INCLUDES: User guide, power cord, power supply for each device plus items listed below.
INCLUDES 100 AVACEN Brochures with each PRO+ device.
INCLUDES: 100 AVACEN Mitts with each PRO+ device.
One AVACEN mitt should last 150 to 250 treatments under normal daily use.
The mitt is a custom-made HDPE mitt. Biocompatibility testing for cytotoxicity, skin sensitization and irritation was performed by Nelson Laboratories. The AVACEN Sanitary Mitt passed all 3 tests.

What is AVACEN®?

AVACEN® is a noninvasive, over-the-counter (OTC) heat therapy system indicated for:
Minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness
Joint pain associated with arthritis
Muscle spasms
Minor strains and sprains
Muscle relaxation
Temporary increase of local circulation

How does AVACEN® work?

AVACEN® products are intended to improve local circulation in muscle tissue in as little as 20 minutes of treatment, facilitating and improving microcirculation throughout the entire body. Since 2009, the benefits of AVACEN devices have impacted thousands of people worldwide, with over 20 million treatments to date. AVACEN is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device that is safe, effective, noninvasive and easy to use.
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Key Features of AVACEN®

Vacuum Chamber

When the hand, enclosed in a special patented mitt, is placed inside the vacuum chamber, negative pressure and heat are applied to safely increase the temperature and blood volume flowing through high volume arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs). It is important to note that the application of heat without negative pressure is ineffective.

Heat Infusion
Infusing heat into the circulatory system reduces blood thickness (viscosity) and increases microcirculation. Thinner blood facilitates more efficient flow through the skeletal muscles on its route to the smaller vasodilated capillaries (microvascular circulation) which the body uses to radiate the excess ATM produced heat.


An increase in microcirculation enhances oxygen delivery and nutrition to the skeletal muscles while carrying away carbon dioxide and waste. The result – healthier, more relaxed muscles throughout the entire body.
AVACEN® Makes a Difference in Just 20 Minutes
AVACEN® in before and after images shows notable changes.

Before: Capillaries are constricted

After: Capillaries filled with blood
The Science behind AVACEN®

The AVACEN® Treatment Method

Over the last 2 years, AVACEN® Medical has been awarded 5 U.S. and 9 International patents for its unique apparatus and methods that support its innovative medical process called The AVACEN® Treatment Method (ATM).
AVAs are the Key
Muscular Relaxation Treatment

Developed to Support ATM
Supporting Studies
STUDY: AVACEN® Treatment Method (ATM) Sponsored by The Department of Veterans Affairs & The University of California, San Diego

RESULTS: A statistically significant reduction in widespread pain.

STUDY: Cardiovascular Effects of ATM Heat/Negative Pressure Conducted by San Diego State University

RESULTS: The heart does more physical work than any other muscle over a lifetime therefore muscular relaxation is important. This study produced a statistically significant reduction in “Mean Arterial Pressure.”
The Science Behind AVACEN®
AVACEN®: Single Point Treatment
With patented, FDA Cleared Class II medical devices, AVACEN’s cutting edge technology combines heat therapy with negative pressure to increase local circulation into a unique vascular network, located in the palm of the hand. Raising the blood temperature at this “single point treatment” (the palm) increases blood temperature throughout the body naturally via the circulatory system. This can benefit the entire body.
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Mechanism of Action
Understanding the Avacen® Treatment Method (ATM)

Step 1
Palm used as noninvasive portal into circulatory system
Heat expands AVA blood pool

Step 2
Heat and vacuum continuously applied
Heat expands AVA blood pool
Viscosity reduced
Maintain Vasodilation

Step 3

Body affected systemically
Increased microcirculation radiates excess heat
Deep tissue oxygenation and nutrition delivered increased
CO2 and waste removed

Before & After AVACEN®
Increasing blood flow ensures that ample oxygen and nutrients are delivered locally to target tissue, while carbon dioxide and waste products are removed. See the AVACEN® difference during a 20-minute treatment on the Non-Treatment Hand – Ring Finger.

Before: Image shows the capillaries constricted

After: Image shows capillaries filled with blood

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3 – Year, 5 – Year


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(For Health Professionals And Practitioners Clinics)
Includes commercial treatment license. Intended for Commercial use. Includes a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license.

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