It’s Time to Get Your Science Hat On. How Avacen Works!

Now we know science isn’t everybody’s favourite subject, so we promise not to bore you too much with specifics, but to understand how Avacen may works you first need to understand the fundamental components of the device.

This can be broken down into three core components: negative pressure, heat, and microcirculation. 

In your hand, you have a selection of blood vessels which are referred to as arteriovenous anastomosis. These blood vessels are what allow Avacen to work its magic and ease pain throughout the body. 

Avacen uses patented technology to increase blood flow by manipulating the blood vessels in the palm of the hand known as arteriovenous anastomosis through a combined method of heat and negative pressure. This method then manipulates the blood vessels into creating thinner, oxygen-rich blood which in turn can travel more effectively and efficiently, to the places that need it most.

Sounds great right? 

This warm, oxygenated blood, increases nutrient delivery to the skeletal muscles whilst removing any toxins. 

The outcome? 

Relaxed, healthier, and stronger muscles. 

Resulting in a reduction in muscle tension, stress, and most importantly……. pain!!